Birkman Personality Assessment
+ Career Consult

You’ve probably heard the expression: perception equals reality. In essence, how you see the world impacts how you interact with everyone—and everything—around you. That’s why we incorporate the Birkman Personality Assessment into every Careerable career coaching package—and offer it as a stand-alone a la carte service.

The Birkman Method is a powerful tool that helps identify your unique passions, behaviors, motivations, and interests. This assessment provides powerful insights into the underlying aspects of your personality that drive behavior and satisfaction in your work and personal life.

As a Certified Birkman Consultant and career advisor, I’ll walk you through your results step-by-step to help you understand your strengths, as well as your stress behaviors and how to better manage them. Finally, we’ll focus on how your results can transform your personal life, relationships, and career.

Want to change your life? Begin by understanding yourself.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Deliverables: General Feedback Report, Career Assessment, Leadership Style Assessment and Sales Style Assessment (if desired) plus a General Career Consult
Cost: $350