Career Strategy Coaching – Emerging Leaders

Most high potentials want to think about how their current and next position will affect their overall career trajectory. They ask themselves, “How do I set myself up best for success now that will help me to get to a level I want to be at in five years?” This question is pervasive, and has been validated as an employee development and retention pain point by many:

  • Deloitte recently uncovered that the #1 factor emerging generations consider when starting a new job is “sufficient training”. And 71% of emerging professionals who are likely to leave an organization within two years are dissatisfied with how their leadership skills are being developed.
  • Gallup has found “opportunities to learn and grow” is on of the top three factors in retaining millennials and the only aspect of retention that separates millennial needs from those of non-millennials. 
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that when asked what influences a decision to accept a job, 65% of respondents (working millennials) prioritized opportunities for personal development. 
  • Forbes conducted a study in 2018 that found that the number one reason millennials provided for leaving organizations was the lack of career progression.  

The results of these studies are not all that surprising, and is not news to employers. However, most organizations have still shifted the burden of career planning to the employee. For many reasons, they are not able to provide pathing or (enough) proper conversations to support developing talent.

Career strategy coaching can help a high potential plan how to get those most out of their current position, without having to consider a job search. The coaching becomes a strategic advantage to their career arc.

Reach out to learn more about enlisting a strategy coach dedicated to your career and trajectory.

The fine print

Duration: Six months
Session Content: Increasing Emotional Intelligence (the #1 competency for promotion) by Leveraging Your Birkman Results – Personality and Leadership Styles //  Vision Casting for Your Life and Career // Identifying your Values, Ideal Job Conditions, your Strengths, Gifts, Talents and Potential Blind Spots // Creating an Influence Strategy (without feeling icky) // Creating a Genuine and Thoughtful Personal Brand that Reflects your Unique Value Prop // Developing a Young Executive Presence and Communication Style // Work-Life Balance and Time Management // Stress Management and Emotional Well-Being
Delivery: In-person

Bottom line

The first decade of your career sets the bar for your earning curve years, defining your professional brand and approach to balancing work and life in a meaningful way. Career strategy coaching can help you make the most of these foundational years. Email me to set up a free consult to learn if this is an option for you!